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“Each tiny effort builds on the next, so that brick by brick magnificent things can be created.” 

I came across this quote recently and it made me think of the transformative impact of Pine Tree Camp. Let me share a story with you…

Deborah first came to Pine Tree Camp in 1962.  It was the family physician who suggested Pine Tree Camp to her parents.

“The doctor who recommended Pine Tree Camp was an amazing guy,” she said.  “My parents were very loving and supportive, but he sensed Pine Tree Camp would be my ticket to try things my parents wouldn’t have otherwise been emotionally able to let me do. I did everything at Pine Tree Camp: swimming, canoeing, archery. The word ‘No’ wasn’t in the vocabulary.  It was ‘We will figure out a way to get this done.’ It allowed me to spread my wings. I remember the doctor saying to my parents ‘When you drop her off, it’s going to be very hard for you. When you drive off and leave her there, you are going to feel like you want to go back and get her. But you can’t. It’s where she needs to be.’”

Brick by brick, Deborah’s experience at Pine Tree Camp fundamentally transformed her life.

Deborah recently retired from a career as a health psychologist.  Over her 38 years in the field she helped thousands of patients and families cope with medical illness and disability and helped medical students understand how to best care for these populations.  She said, I owe my whole life to Pine Tree Camp, all of my successes.  It was there I discovered I needed to learn how to get good at things in my own way so I could be part of a bigger picture in life.  It was a tremendous lesson.”  

It is incredible to think that friends like you made Deborah’s Pine Tree Camp experience possible.  Friends like you, changed Deborah’s life – brick by brick. 

Pine Tree Camp has big plans for 2021 and your support is more important than ever.  We have faced challenges over the past year with innovation and creativity – expanding from summer to year-round programming.  Why?  Because Maine people with disabilities need us more than ever.

You make stories like Deborah’s possible.  We cannot do it without you.  Pine Tree Camp receives no federal or state funding.  Your donation will be put to work immediately – brick by brick – magnificent things will happen. 

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