Artist Marieluise Hutchinson lives in Cushing and is a Copley Master at the Copley Society in Boston and an Artist Master at the Cape Cod Art Center. Her work is shown at Bayview Gallery in Brunswick.

“Art is not what you see but what you make others see.” – Edgar Degas

That’s Marieluise Hutchinson’s favorite quotation. As an artist, she knows that when people purchase a Pine Tree Society holiday card featuring one of her paintings, it’s because the scene she created hits a nostalgic chord that they can relate to.

“People can relate to the old house sitting in the snow-covered field with the warm glow of lights in the windows, something in the oven and the wood stove going. They look at that scene and feel the importance of family and Christmas and warmth. They can relate to what it feels like being in a house like that,” she said. “Oftentimes in galleries I see people looking really closely at what’s in the windows of the houses I paint. It stops people in their tracks because they get lost in it.”

She is proud to share her work to support causes she believes in.

“When I know it helps someone, it’s a good thing. I’m always happy to give back and every year there is more and more need. I’m proud to paint what I love to benefit worthy causes.”

When you send a Pine Tree Society holiday card, you help Maine people with disabilities stay connected all year-long. One hundred percent of proceeds from card sales support Pine Tree Society’s programs.

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