Artist Sandy Crabtree is a noted children’s book illustrator and longtime Bath resident who taught at Morse High School for nearly 30 years.

“Pine Tree Society has such a beautiful collection of Maine art that captures the history of this area.”

That’s how Sandy Crabtree describes the paintings Pine Tree Society has featured on more than 50 years of holiday cards.

Sandy’s artwork has been selected many times and it means a lot to her to be part of this tradition.

“I have a deep love for the state of Maine and Pine Tree Society’s holiday cards make me aware of how many different winter landscapes and settings artists discover and are struck by,” she said.

She considers it an honor to have her artwork included.

“It’s very prestigious and means something to be selected,” she continued. “I’ve always felt lucky to be a part of it. Richard Hasenfus was the very first artist featured, and he always encouraged other artists to participate.”

As a young artist, it was a way for her to gain large exposure for her work.

“Pine Tree Society’s holiday card tradition encourages and helps Maine’s artistic community and it’s all for a good cause.”

Sandy taught at Morse High School and had many students over the years who attended Pine Tree Camp.

“I first learned about Pine Tree Camp from my students and it made me aware of how much they do for kids and adults with disabilities. I had one student who absolutely loved the treehouse. For Pine Tree Camp to make something so special accessible to everyone has always been meaningful to me. They truly have a vision to help people with disabilities.”

Send a card that counts! Your purchase of Pine Tree Society holiday cards benefits Maine people with disabilities. Show your support and order your cards today.

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