Wouldn’t life be different if we all had an ‘Easy Button”?   

I was at our Early Learning Center earlier this week and I had the opportunity to visit with our students and teachers.  The covid-19 pandemic has had an impact on us all – and nowhere do we see that more than with our youngest clients. 

Our students come to us with significant disabilities, but we are seeing an even higher level of need.  If you think about it, our three to six-year-old students have lived a significant portion of their lives through a pandemic – and it has taken a toll.  They are struggling with the very basics of daily living skills like eating.  They are coming to us with a higher level of fear and anxiety.  Their families are struggling.  They are lacking the basics of relationship building and friendship making.  All of these challenges make early intervention more important than ever.      

The work we do each day is challenging.  As our Early Learning Center Director told me: “We don’t have an Easy Button. This isn’t easy.”   

She’s right.  It isn’t easy.  But it is critically important, and it takes us all.  We couldn’t do it without you.  Whether it is our work to expand Pine Tree Camp to offer year-round programming or transitioning our adult clients back to in-person services safely, you play a critical role.

The funding Pine Tree Society receives through reimbursement for services only covers a portion of our costs.  Families caring for loved ones with disabilities have fewer and fewer resources to turn for help.

We need your help to continue to fulfill the promise of our mission…a mission that has been in place for 85 years.   

Your donation will be put to work immediately to impact the lives of Maine children and adults with disabilities and their families through critical programs.  We cannot do it without you.  Together, we can transform the lives of Maine children and adults with disabilities and their families.  Thank you.    



Noel Sullivan
President and CEO 


P.S.  For so many families, Pine Tree Society is their lifeline.  Thousands of Maine children and their families are counting on us.  They need our help now.  Please send in your gift today and it will go right to use to help Maine people who need it. We thank you for your continued support.

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