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“It’s her heaven on earth.”

That’s how Carolyn describes what Pine Tree Camp means to her daughter, Jaclyn. But as it turns out, the Pine Tree Camp experience means just as much to Carolyn. Let me tell you their story…

Nearly a decade ago, Carolyn and Jaclyn attended a special program at Pine Tree Camp for children who use high-tech devices to communicate and their families. Carolyn and Jaclyn shared a cabin with Kris and her son Christian.

“Kris and I were an instant connection. We bonded like magnets,” Carolyn recalled. “It’s so wonderful to have someone who gets it because they are going through same thing.”

Kris couldn’t agree more.

“I would never have met Carolyn if it wasn’t for Pine Tree Camp. I love her friendship, and we look forward to being there together every year.”

After two long years, Carolyn, Jaclyn, Kris, and Christian are thrilled to be preparing to once again spend time together at Pine Tree Camp. Our entire team shares their excitement as we prepare to welcome campers (and in some cases, family members) back this summer for overnight camping experiences.

It’s what we’ve been known for since 1945 – and we couldn’t do it without you. You have stuck by our campers through thick and thin – and we couldn’t be more thankful. In fact, thanks to you, we have developed new, impactful programming and expanded our season to all year long.

We cannot do it without you. Pine Tree Camp receives no federal or state funding. Your donation will be put to work immediately to impact our campers – and their families. We thank you for your support.














Noel Sullivan
President and CEO


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