“Spring: A lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be.” I came across this quote the other day and couldn’t help but think about how that applies to our work at Pine Tree Society right now in 2022.

Take the story of 11-year-old Jackson. Two years ago, Jackson was set to attend Pine Tree Camp for the first time, then the pandemic hit.

“We had to put everything on hold,” his mother, Erin, recently told us. “He was heartbroken he couldn’t go to Pine Tree Camp.”

A few weeks ago, Jackson got his chance to attend Pine Tree Camp – along with his mom and his younger sister. They enjoyed ice fishing, snowshoeing and, of course, s’mores over the fire.

“It was awesome,” Erin told us. “At Pine Tree Camp I feel I can let my kiddo have more freedom. I can let him be himself.”

It’s incredible to think that two years ago, Pine Tree Camp was closed during the winter, spring and fall. Today, we are offering a full slate of programming to meet the needs of Maine children and adults with disabilities and their families all year long.

Changes can be seen in other programs as well. Our Early Learning Center is growing to meet the increased needs in the community, our adult services program has focused on getting clients outside to experience the restorative benefits of nature and we are launching a new conference to support parents caring for children with disabilities.

We are proud to change to continue to meet the evolving needs of Maine children and adults with disabilities and their families during a time in which they need us most – and we could not do this critical work without you.

Your support today will go right to work to help us continue to impact Maine people with disabilities through Pine Tree Camp, early intervention, day programs for adults, and case management services to implement and retain critical services.

Jackson and his family are just one of thousands of families who are counting on us. Please send in your gift today. It will go right to use to help Maine people who need us. We thank you for your continued support.

Noel Sullivan
President and CEO

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