Speech/Language and Assistive Technology Services



Communication makes us feel connected. Being unable to communicate creates feelings of frustration and isolation. Our team believes there is a pathway to communication for all people. The key is identifying the unique path for each individual.

Our experienced speech language pathologists provide a full range of speech, language and assistive technology services for children and adults with disabilities to support communication, learning and employment.

Speech Language Services

Our team of experienced Speech Language Pathologists are committed to providing services tailored to meet the needs of each person. They take the time to connect with each individual personally and gain an understanding of what is motivating and engaging to him or her. Our team has an expertise in a wide variety of speech language delays and disorders including: people with autism, intellectual disabilities and delays, motor speech challenges, learning disabilities and acquired disabilities including ALS, Parkinson’s, strokes and other neurological issues. Services include:

  • Speech Language Evaluations
  • Speech Language Intervention
    • Individualized one-on-one therapy at school or at one of Pine Tree Society’s clinics in Bath and Scarborough
    • Group therapy and Social Language Social Pragmatics sessions

Assistive Technology for Learning and Living

Our Assistive Technology practitioners provide comprehensive individualized services designed to maximize the potential of each individual.

  • Assistive Technology Assessments (including assistive technology for living and learning as well as augmentative and alternative communication)
  • Assistive Technology Consultations and Support
    • Tool set-up
    • Device set-up and programming
    • Support and training for the individual, his or her family and team
    • On-going technical support
    • Professional development training and workshops
    • Device Demonstration and Loan

To learn more or schedule an appointment, please call 207-386-5930.

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