We’re all smiles as the summer kids sessions kick off at Pine Tree Camp.

From the opening night campfire to sunny afternoons spending time with friends in the lake, our campers enjoy the freedom to do anything they’d like in the great outdoors.

There’s no better way to get to know someone than to go fishing. It’s a one of a kind experience and we always bring back lots of fish stories to share.  Spending time together in the woods is another thing we love to do.  Listening to the birds and enjoying time on the trails is what summer is all about.

Pretty much any time of the day you’ll hear campers singing favorite songs (not everyone waits until the talent show…) and we always have plenty of creative campers doing a variety of different art projects throughout the week, including tie-dye of course!  Because what would a week at camp be without making a new tie-dye t-shirt?

You’ll find many of us on the playground or out playing soccer.

No matter what we do, we do more than we thought we could. 

Having the chance to experience new things creates a positive ripple effect that impacts our young camper’s lives through increased confidence, independence, social skills and the development of new interests that last a lifetime.

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