“I’ve been at the beginning.  I’ve been at the end.  But I’ve never seen the in-between part.”

Dawn Willard-Robinson is the director of Pine Tree Camp and has attended the Dysart’s Snowmobile Ride-in for years, but has never actually seen the trail the Q106.5 Egg Riders take.

Snowmobile Ride-in to benefit Pine Tree Camp

Dawn stuffs the shirt of the youngest Egg Rider while a camera team looks on.

“I’ve only ever loaded eggs at the Hungry Hollow 76ers Clubhouse in Levant before the ride.”

At the clubhouse, Egg Riders put a t-shirt over the top of their snowsuits.  Volunteers then stuff as many eggs as possible into their shirts.  Each egg represents a $50 pledge from Q106.5 listeners.

“Dozens and dozens of eggs go in.  It’s amazing how many go in there!  People have different methods and sometimes smash them on the person’s back to get more eggs in.  The eggs always break.”

After everyone is egged up, Dawn usually drives her car to Newport to cheer on the sleds as they come into town.

But this year is different.  This year, Dawn will don her snowmobile suit as a celebrity rider in the Q106.5 Egg Ride and get to see the trail.

“I haven’t ridden a snowmobile since I was a kid.  I’ll have to practice a little here at camp!”

Dawn has two goals.  The first is deciding what to wear.

“I’m going to wear a tutu or something and bring some of the fun of Camp into the mix.  I’m up for suggestions for how I can dress.”

Her second and most important goal is to reach out to Pine Tree Camp alumni so they can virtually take part in her ride by following on-line, coming to the event, or making a donation.

“Our alumni live all over the world.  The Ride-in is a great way to pull everybody together.”

Support Dawn’ Egg Ride at https://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/dawn-willard-robinson-1/q1065-celebrity-egg-ride-to-benefit-pine-tree-camp.

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