The 2020/2021 school year is approaching and schools are preparing for multiple scenarios – one of which is distance learning. Pine Tree Society was able to jump in and support schools and their students with special needs during the spring shutdown. There’s no doubt about it, we learned a lot. Everyone did. We wanted to share our Top 10 distance learning takeaways through a series of blog posts over the next few days. Please know, we are here to support your school, your teachers and your students whatever comes this fall – distance learning, a hybrid model or in-person instruction.

Dawn Willard Robinson is the director of Pine Tree Camp. She and her team are committed to keeping campers connected, active and outdoors and have fully embraced all aspects of technology to bring Pine Tree Camp virtually to Maine people with disabilities through the innovative, new Pine Tree Camp to You.

“It boils down to one word: connection,” she said.  “Our campers are at great risk for social isolation and we want to fill that need for connection in whatever way we can, even if that means we’re connecting virtually through a screen.  Keeping people connected is the very essence of what we do, and, during this time of physical distancing, that’s more important than ever.”

Dawn offers her top motivational tip to help educators make distance learning a success.

TIP #10 

Don’t be too hard on yourself.  As professionals, we want to be able to connect with every child, every day.  We all have days that are challenging. We just need to accept that and try again the next day.


Have Fun! If you’re enjoying it, your audience will have fun as well. Think outside the box. Teach in a different location, use a new background, costume or hat.

Learn more about Pine Tree Camp to You and Pine Tree Camp Adventure Day Pass at or by contacting us at 207-386-5990 or

Top 10 Distance Learning Tips

Introduction: Distance LearningPine Tree Society’s Expertise

Tips 1 – 3:  Distance Learning — Linda Bonnar, Director of Communication Pathways

Tips 4 – 6:  Distance Learning — Maura Nolin, Director of Interpreting Services

Tips 7 – 9:  Distance Learning — Karen McClure-Richard, Director of Early Learning Center

Tip 10:  Distance Learning — Dawn Willard-Robinson, Director of Pine Tree Camp

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