Based on the growing demand in our community, Pine Tree Society’s specialized preschool in Auburn has added more classroom space and is in the process of hiring additional educators to meet this tremendous need.

“Referrals are at an all time high,” said Karen McClure-Richard, Director of the Early Learning Center. “At any given time, I have 10 to 50 families on the waitlist. The need has definitely heightened since the pandemic.”

This fall, the Early Learning Center welcomed 19 new students. These preschoolers have significant needs and providing early intervention and educational programming to prepare them to enter Kindergarten requires more resources and innovation than ever. The new classroom is designed for students who can benefit from a smaller setting. Once fully staffed, this additional space will allow Karen and her team to manage two concurrent sessions a day with three groups in the morning and three groups in the afternoon. This is a significant step towards helping more preschoolers than ever before.

Learn more about the Early Learning Center at this link.

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