Ian is in his early 20s and entering a new phase of life. He recently graduated from high school and is transitioning into adulthood. One of his goals is to find a job he enjoys and develop his career.

“He loves plants and takes real pride in gardening and growing things,” said Pine Tree Society Case Manager, Nick Morris.  

Since gardening is a relatively seasonal business in Maine and it was a rainy summer, there was a bit of a wait before he could secure a job in that field. So, he decided to simultaneously pursue his passion for music.

“His dad plays music and Ian sometimes sings with the band and has a few songs he really likes to do,” Nick continued. “So, before the growing season kicked in, we got started with his musical interest and turned it into a goal.”

Together, they recorded a couple of Ian’s favorite songs, REM’s “Man on the Moon” and Neil Young’s “Helpless.” Ian sang and played the guitar and Nick mixed the vocals and added some bass and acoustic guitar. 

“Building a direction with music helps him in so many ways and has such a positive impact in his life,” said Nick. “It’s something he’s good at and it’s a way for him to meet other people who have the same interest. Through music, he’s learning skills and focus that can possibly lead to employment. He could even start writing his own songs.”









In the meantime, Ian accepted a job at a greenhouse.

“We’ll see where his direction goes,” concluded Nick. “It’s really up to him and his family. As his case manager, my role is to help them with the tools and resources they need for him to achieve his goals. I’m here to enhance their lives and help Ian with whatever direction he wants to go.”

Listen to Ian on SoundCloud.

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