“Camp is such a big part of my life,” Mary Schafhauser is the assistant director of Pine Tree Camp. For her, the Bath Savings Institution Paddle for Pine Tree Camp is an opportunity to create a virtual paddle team for those who can’t come to the Paddle in person, but still want to show their support.  From Camp families, to counselors, to people from every part of the world who have been touched by Pine Tree Camp, everyone is welcome to virtually join her team of Virtual Venturers.

“It’s giant!  Creating a virtual paddle team is so beautiful because everyone can take part.”

Joining the Virtual Venturers is easy.  People can sign on as a virtual paddler by making a donation to the team’s fundraising page at this link: https://www.firstgiving.com/team/389633

“Anybody is also welcome to come on the day of the event and paddle with me.  I’ll be rolling down the river and paddling away with campers.”

Last year was Mary’s first time experiencing the Bath Savings Institution Paddle for Pine Tree Camp.

“I was struck by how many people came.  I remember the first moment of the launch and everybody putting their boats in the water and just seeing this sea of people.  It made a huge impact on me.”

Mary’s friends and family live in every corner of the world and, through her virtual paddle team, they can join something that means so much to her.  It’s also a chance for Mary to show new camp counselors and summer staff what it means to be a part of the Pine Tree Camp family. 

“Through joining our virtual paddle team I can show them what they are going to be a part of before they even arrive. They’ll get to experience everything that goes into making sure we have a program.  They’ll get to see how, with every contribution, we get to keep doing Pine Tree Camp.” 

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