Amy Judson has been participating in the Dysart’s Snowmobile Ride-in to benefit Pine Tree Camp for over 15 years.  This February 3, for the very first time, she’ll be a celebrity rider in the Q106.5 Egg Ride.

When asked how being a celebrity rider will make the Ride-in different for her, she said, “Well, for one, I’m going to be messy!  I won’t be standing on the sidelines laughing at everyone else getting eggy.  This time, it will be me!”

Her son Bradley will be there. Amy said, “He will enjoy smushing eggs on me!”

For Amy and her whole family, it’s a feel good day and one that they look forward to all year.

Bradley has attended Pine Tree Camp for over 15 years and they got involved with the Ride-in after the first year he went to camp.

“Bradley really enjoys supporting Pine Tree Camp and I’m really proud of him for that,” she said. “It means a lot to him.”

For Amy, the Ride-in is also about community and giving back.

“We really, truly believe in the spirit of Pine Tree Camp,” she said. “The Ride-in is a community event and Newport and the surrounding area really embrace it.  It’s always nice to see what everybody else has done.  So many good people step up and support it.”

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