This September, Danielle Morrill joined Pine Tree Society as a Speech Language Pathologist Clinical Fellow after having the opportunity to shadow in our Speech/Language and Assistive Technology Services Department.

“The moment I started shadowing I knew this is what I wanted to do,” she said.

Danielle discovered at a young age that she had an interest in communication.

“I played softball in middle school and our bat girl was a young lady who used a device to communicate with.”

Danielle quickly saw how technology helped her to accomplish connection. Danielle looks back on how she was the only person on the team who took the time to talk with her and how the augmentative device made that friendship possible.

“I was hooked! Ever since then, I wanted to work with people with disabilities and help them communicate with others.”

Danielle is particularly motivated by using her clients’ specific interests to help them achieve their goals. For her, getting to know someone is the key to successful communication.

“When you discover what a person is interested in, it becomes easier to help and supply them with the communication tools they need to achieve success.”

Danielle earned her Master of Art, Speech-Language Pathology at The University of Maine in Orono and a Bachelor of Art, Communication Sciences and Disorders Minor; Rehabilitation Studies from Springfield College. She holds an ASHA-certified temporary SLP license as she concludes her fellowship year at Pine Tree Society. In her free time, she loves to cook with her family, drawing on the authentic Italian and French recipes of her grandparents.

Our experienced speech language pathologists provide a full range of speech, language and assistive technology services for children and adults with disabilities to support communication, learning and employment. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact Kristin Hayward at 207-386-5930 or or visit our website.

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