“Nick’s art allows him to communicate.”

That’s how his father, Tony, describes the importance of art in Nick’s life.

Nick is 26 years old and he and his family have been with Pine Tree Society’s Case Management Program since he turned 20. The high level of personalized insight and support they receive makes a true difference in their lives.

“Pine Tree Society paired us with our particular case manager, Joan, because she’s also an artist,” Tony recalled. “Joan and Nick share the same level of passion for art. Good matchmaking enhances Pine Tree Society’s Case Management services on an organic level. Joan really understands where we are and the future we want for Nick.”

Nick is a prolific artist and regularly sells his artwork through galleries that are part of two programs he attends.

“I really want a lot more people to see my art,” Nick said.

To gain more exposure, Nick’s goal is to network, meet other artists and become part of a larger community. The idea of expanding feels more and more possible as he and his family work together with Joan to connect with the resources they need. She has in-depth knowledge of the programs and supports to help Nick reach his goals.

“Once I know what a client is interested in, I can introduce them to different programs and help find the right fit,” Joan said. “As Nick’s case manager, I make sure all the services he decides he wants are fully supported and working well. I regularly check in to make sure he has the resources he needs to feel empowered. I keep the lines of communication open and help amplify his choices and his voice.”

Nick is in the process of building a home and studio next door to his parents. Along the way, Joan will connect him with all the resources he needs to learn how to do laundry, cook for himself and live as independently as possible.

“Every time I meet Nick at home, we celebrate the next steps he and his dad have made at his house. He’s full of his own sense of agency and I love seeing him be such an active part of creating his future and building the life he wants.

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