Rich Bothfeld

Rich joined Pine Tree Society’s Audiology Department as a clinical audiologist in 2017. He has been an audiologist for over 20 years and began his career building an audiology department from scratch at a regional hospital in northern New Hampshire. Rich moved to Maine in 2009 to work in a medical center before joining Pine Tree Society to help expand the audiology program’s mission. A native of Vermont, he grew up in a musical family and has always had an interest in sound and languages. After nearly a decade of being a German teacher, he decided to study to become a speech language pathologist, but it wasn’t long before he discovered his true love was audiology. Approaching communication from a hearing standpoint became his passion. For Rich, “Every person provides a new challenge and helping each individual really hinges on counseling the person on how hearing loss is impacting their life. If you can have a person realize that it’s their ears that are not performing well – that it’s not them, it’s their ears — it helps them to observe what’s happening from a more objective standpoint.” He enjoys working with a mix of adults and children and “No matter the person’s age, we do everything we can to provide the services that every individual needs.”

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