Pine Tree Camp June 21, 2018

“I wish I could stay here forever.”

“I wish I could make a friend.”

Every session campers have the opportunity to sign up for an overnight camping experience at the breathtaking southerly shore of North Pond.

At the end of free swim, the campers and their counselors head over to the campsite where they make their own dinner and s’mores at the fire, sing songs, learn about the outdoors, and make “wish boats.”

For over 30 years, campers have been decorating and writing wishes on wooden boats. As the sun sets, campers and counselors light candles in the center of the wish boats and set them afloat to drift out onto the water. Campers love to sit on the shore and watch their boats float farther and farther away, waiting for their wishes to come true. Pine Tree Camp

Our wish boats are a tradition that the entire North Pond community loves. Neighbors from all over the pond receive the wish boats on their shore where some keep them, nailing them on their walls, sheds, or fences. The North Pond Association has labeled these people as “wish keepers”, honoring the camper’s wishes for years after their wish boats set sail.

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