What’s your favorite thing to do at Pine Tree Camp?

Mary loves being in the water.  It’s a place where she feels totally and utterly free, and she enjoys sharing that joy with other people.

“You can see people relax when they get in the water.  Their shoulders drop and they just feel at ease,” she said.

Today, she’s asking you to help campers and their families dive in with her.

Donate to Mary’s team here.

This year, during Pine Tree Camp Adventure Day Pass and Family Recreation Weekends, campers and their families can enjoy swimming together and spending time on the shore of North Pond.

“The great thing about the waterfront, is that it’s always open,” Mary continued.  “You can appreciate it all day long.”

The Paddle is right around the corner and you can make a direct impact on the lives of Maine people with disabilities by registering for the event today! https://www.pinetreesociety.org/…/paddle-for-pine-tree…/

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