We have a saying in the camping community: 10 for two. Ten months of planning and preparation for two months of incredible summer programming.  And now, we have a new saying:  one for 75.  One summer of being creative in how we connect and engage in order to preserve and continue the traditions of Pine Tree Camp for the next 75 years.

After consulting CDC, the State of Maine, American Camping Association at the national level, as well as the industry that serves others with disabilities, we have made the hard decision to cancel all traditional Pine Tree Camp sessions for the summer of 2020.  We do this with the safety and health of our campers, staff, and our community as a whole.

We have gotten creative over the past few months offering Pine Tree Camp to You to keep our community engaged, connected and active.  We will continue this remote Pine Tree Camp to You programming on Facebook and invite our community to join us there.

We know access to the outdoors is important.  We are planning to launch, starting in July, Pine Tree Camp Adventure Day Pass.This program will open Pine Tree Camp’s campus on a day pass capacity to a limited number of people at a time. Pine Tree Camp Adventure Days offers the opportunity for Maine people with disabilities to experience the magic of camp while continuing to adhere to the physical distancing policies.  People will experience hiking on our nature trails, boating, kayaking, fishing and swimming – in a safe manner.  Stay tuned for more information!

From all of us here at Pine Tree Camp and Pine Tree Society, we appreciate your commitment to Pine Tree Camp and our mission of discovering abilities together

Out of this time of uncertainty has come great acts of kindness, innovation, creativity, and strength. We are looking as what we can gain from this experience to improve and expand what we already do and make it stronger.



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