One of the artists of this year’s Pine Tree Society holiday cards, Marieluise Hutchinson of Cushing, was recently featured by Courier Publications.  Read the full news story at this link.

Her paintings have been featured on our holiday cards seven times.  This year, we went back to our archives to offer a special, limited edition rerelease of a customer favorite featuring her 2008 painting of a favorite winter scene in Wiscasset Village.

“I call my work traditional realistic rural new England,” Hutchinson said. “I love farmhouses with connected buildings and barns and village scenes with groups of houses. Wiscasset is an iconic Maine town that we all drive through and it grabs me every time I see vistas like that.”

Her paintings of winter scenes are widely known and collected.

“Winter scenes are my favorite things to paint,” she continued.  “I like the warmth.  Even though it’s cold, it’s a warm scene.  You can only imagine what’s going on inside the house with a wood stove going, a cat curled up on the rug, a pie on the counter and a pot roast in the oven.”

Hutchinson is proud to paint what she loves to benefit worthy causes and it means a lot that her work can help Pine Tree Society fulfill it’s mission to serve Maine people with disabilities.

“Pine Tree Society does so much for adults and children alike and it’s an honor to use what I can do to help people.”

One hundred percent of proceeds from annual holiday card sales support Pine Tree Society’s programs.

Holiday cards can be ordered online at this link or by calling 207-386-5915 or emailing us at



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