For over 50 years, Pine Tree Society’s holiday cards have featured quintessential Maine art showcasing the beauty of winter.  What a difference a card makes!  Three million dollars in card sales has had a tremendous impact and transformed the lives of people with disabilities.

When you send your holiday cards this year, you can do so with pride knowing that Maine artists are helping you help Maine people, one card at a time.

This year’s cards feature work of renowned Maine artists, Carlton Plummer and Sandy Crabtree.  Both artists have designed cards for Pine Tree Society in previous years.

“Homeward Bound”Homeward Bound painting by Carlton Plummer for Pine Tree Society

Carlton Plummer’s scene features a man making his way home after harvesting the perfect Christmas tree. He moves through the rugged landscape of the snow-covered forest on his way to the quaint town in the clearing where his family eagerly awaits his arrival.

Squirrel Point Lighthouse card by Sandy Crabtree for Pine Tree Society“Squirrel Point”

Sandy Crabtree brings us a captivating watercolor of a beloved Maine lighthouse.  On a clear, brisk day on the Kennebec River, Squirrel Point Lighthouse is festively adorned with a wreath for the holiday season.  The Christmas tree in the yard and the jolly snowman waving from the hill are sure to delight the occupants of any vessels sailing by. 

Order your 2017 Pine Tree Society Holiday Cards now.

Pine Tree Society’s holiday cards are the perfect way to wish customers, vendors, family members and friends a happy holiday season while impacting Maine people with disabilities.

Click here to order online today. Cards will ship beginning in September.

Cards will be available for purchase at the 149 Front Street office in Bath during normal business hours after September 1.

You may also call (207) 386-5912 for more information or to place an order by phone.

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