Pine Tree Society has partnered with Ogunquit Playhouse to provide American Sign Language (ASL) for select performances of every show this season. These ASL interpreted performances are made possible thanks to a generous grant from The Roger R. and Theresa S. Thompson Endowment Fund. 

Thanks to this grant, select performances for all five musicals this season will have Pine Tree Society ASL Interpreters performing the show alongside the cast,” said Noel Sullivan, President and CEO of Pine Tree Society.

This tradition began last season when Pine Tree Society’s then Director of Interpreting Services, Joshua Seal, coordinated with Ogunquit Playhouse to provide interpreters for The Da Vinci Code in September.

“Josh had the desire to make the arts accessible to the Deaf community,” said Sullivan. “Before he was tragically killed in the October mass shooting in Lewiston, plans were already in the works to provide ASL Interpreted performances for this season. That makes these ASL performances even more meaningful to us all.”

Deborah Warren, Ogunquit Playhouse’s Managing Director, adds “Our overarching objective has consistently been to enhance the accessibility of our performances. This commitment to inclusivity is at the heart of what we do. Through a valuable and collaborative partnership with Pine Tree Society, an organization dedicated to supporting individuals with disabilities, we have been able to take significant steps towards this goal. We are immensely grateful to Pine Tree Society for their support and facilitation in making these ASL-interpreted shows possible. Their partnership enriches the cultural landscape by making the arts more accessible to everyone, regardless of their hearing abilities.”

The ASL interpreters prepare by studying the script and attending performances. When possible, they also watch video or listen to audio recordings of the production. They make sure they understand the goals of the production first, then they begin to build an interpretation. The whole process takes many days to achieve. 

“Imagine watching TV without sound. That’s what watching plays without ASL interpretation is like for Hard of Hearing audience members,” concluded Sullivan. “This partnership with Ogunquit Playhouse aligns with Pine Tree Society’s mission of providing opportunities for Maine people with disabilities to connect with the community.”

ASL Interpreted performances will be held:

Waitress: Wed 5/22 8pm, Sun 5/26 2pm

Crazy For You: Wed 6/26 8pm, Sun 6/30 2pm

A Little Night Music: Wed 7/31 8pm, Sun 8/4 2pm

Little Shop of Horrors: Wed 9/4 8pm, Sun 9/8 2pm

My Best Friend’s Wedding: Wed 10/9 8pm, Sun 10/13 2pm

Open Caption performances will be held during these date ranges:

Waitress: Wed 5/29 through Sun 6/2 

Crazy For You: Wed 7/2 through Sun 7/7 

A Little Night Music: Wed 8/7 through Sun 8/11 

Little Shop of Horrors: Wed 9/11 through Sun 9/15 

My Best Friend’s Wedding: Wed 10/16 through Sun 10/20

Special ASL and Open Caption selected seats are available by calling the Ogunquit Playhouse Box Office at 207-646-5511 (10:00am to 4:00pm weekdays). 

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