Last week, we held a special demo day to run through our new Pine Tree Camp Adventure Day Pass.  Reporter Deirdre Fleming joined us for a behind the scenes look.

Here’s an excerpt from her story:

“When Tristan and Amy Bouchard started their day at Pine Tree Camp two weeks ago, they got the royal treatment on the camp’s pontoon boat.

Typically, the boat would carry as many as six campers, but to assure social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic, Amy Bouchard and her teenage son were the lone campers riding on the boat on North Pond in central Maine, looking for bald eagles and smallmouth bass with three staff members.

Tristan Bouchard, 18, was born with a brain disorder called hydrocephalus that makes some cognitive functions challenging, such as walking and reasoning. For the past four years he has stayed overnight at Pine Tree Camp, which for 75 years has provided outdoor adventures for Mainers with disabilities.

‘I wish there were more things for us to do in the summer like this. I’ve never held him back. The more experiences he has, the better it is for him,’ Amy Bouchard said.”

Read the full article.

Learn more about our Pine Tree Camp Adveture Day Pass.


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