Renovation of the Frances Smith Cabin – better known as The Shack – has begun at Pine Tree Camp.

“We’ve started some of the ripping and tearing,” said Alan Farmer, Facilities Manager. “We’re getting everything out so construction can start.”

The plan is to do the renovations this fall and winter so campers can enjoy the revamped lodging this spring.

“It will look like a completely new building with all the amenities our other cabins have,” said Alan. “Heat and air conditioning are very important for a person with a disability. Some of our campers couldn’t come to camp at all if we didn’t have air conditioning.”

Another change Alan is really looking forward to is replacing the wooden ramp with landscaping that is graded for wheelchairs. With a gradual, graded landscape, a lot of people can get in and out of the cabin without help.

“That independence makes a big difference for people,” he said.

During the demolition phase, the crew discovered that the building was fairly well insulated so there will be less wallboard to take down than they originally thought.

The goal right now is to get all the new windows and doors in before the snow falls.

“There’s a lot we can do this winter, then in the spring we’ll replace the roof, deck and siding,” he said.

Once it’s complete, The Shack will be given a number like all the other cabins and, although it may still sentimentally be called The Shack, we’re guessing it won’t take long before people can’t recall why it was ever named that in the first place.

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