The children of the Early Learning Center recently had a very exciting visitor! Santa Claus and his favorite elf made their way from the North Pole to visit with the children and read them a story! Santa read My Twelve Maine Christmas Days  to the preschoolers and One Green Tree, Ten Chickadees to the younger children.

Both books were written by Wendy Ulmer with artwork by Sandy Crabtree. The books were donated by Ms. Crabtree which is extra special because she was also a featured artist for Pine Tree Society’s 2017 Holiday Cards!  Santa provided each child with a new pair of warm mittens and a new book to take home. After cookies and milk, Santa and his elf were on their way. Special thanks to Sandy Crabtree for the book donation and to Brian Soucy and Joanne Dupuis for bringing so much joy into our classrooms!


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