Participants in Pine Tree Society’s Community Support program in Auburn are getting ready for the Special Olympics winter games and are already psyched for the summer games.

“It’s important to stay active in the off-season so you don’t lose your conditioning,” said certified Special Olympics trainer, Deb Cote. “If you’ve never tried Special Olympics before, it’s also the perfect way to get active and meet new friends.”

Deb is a direct support professional for Pine Tree Society’s Community Support Program and helping people train for Special Olympics and meet their goals inspires her.

In the fall, she brings people on hikes a couple of times a week and, when it’s cold, there are also plenty of indoor conditioning activities available like walking, playing basketball and swimming.

“As soon as there is snow, we’ll head to Lost Valley to practice snowshoeing, Nordic and alpine skiing. If someone isn’t a winter competitor, it’s a great chance for them to try snowshoeing to see if they like it.”

In addition to the health benefits, Deb’s favorite aspect of training is that people are exploring their community, learning about each other and making new friends.

Deb sees friendships made that last a lifetime.

“Sometimes, being at Special Olympics is the only time people who live in different parts of the state get to see each other and those friendships are truly special. It gives me goose bumps. They’ve all worked so hard and the comradery is amazing.”

To learn more about Pine Tree Society’s Community Support Program, click here or call 207-386-5927 .

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