Wherever you look at Pine Tree Camp, you will see dedicated Campologists leading and supporting campers in everything they do. Some of them are leading an game or craft activity, some are keeping campers safe during free swim, some are helping individual campers put on their sunscreen or passing out cups of water.  Some Campologists are spending one-on-one time hanging out with campers, laughing and talking, playing a lawn game, or relaxing on the swing.  They are cleaning the cabins, putting away equipment or helping campers with their meals in the dining hall.

What you’ll notice about Pine Tree Camp’s team of Campologists is that they make it all look easy and they actually appear to be having fun. When you ask a Pine Tree Camp Campologist what characteristics are necessary to do their job, they use words such as fun, energetic, encouraging, non-judgmental, innovative, approachable, adventurous, compassionate, kind, caring, patient, empathetic, accepting, quick-thinking, adaptable, and loyal. They say you have to be a good listener, an expert in fun times, a mentor, a leader, and have a passion for bringing joy to others. They say you will be growing every day and it’s the toughest job you’ll every love.

What do you think makes a Pine Tree Camp Campologist so special?

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