Our technology has a name: It’s called telepractice

At Pine Tree Society, we’re committed to discovering abilities together, and one of the ways we can be together during this time of social distancing is through the use of technology.

Maine is a big state and we’ve used technology to bridge distances for years. Providing ASL interpretation via video conference, for example.

This technology we use has a name: telepractice.  You’ll be hearing that word a lot in the weeks ahead because telepractice has quickly become a critical way to keep us all safe and healthy without interrupting needed services and support you rely on.

Telepractice is, quite simply, the use of technology to bring services to people via remote technology platforms rather than in person; allowing licensed professionals to provide HIPPA compliant services without physical contact or travel.

In most cases, telepractice is a video chat on a computer or smart phone. Pine Tree Society offers telepractice/remote services using Zoom, which is a user-friendly video conferencing technology that is easily accessed from any device.

Our expanded telepractice services include:

Speech Language Pathology:  Our Speech Language Pathologists are available to schedule remote telepractice speech therapy sessions.  Contact Linda Bonnar at lbonnar@pinetreesociety.org or 207-386-5931.

Assistive Technology for Learning and Living:  Our Assistive Technology Practitioners can provide remote telepractice consults for Assistive Technology for Learning and Living.  Contact Linda Bonnar at lbonnar@pinetreesociety.org or 207-386-5931.

Sign Language Interpreting:  Our Sign Language Interpreters are available to provide interpreting services and support instruction for children who are Deaf. Contact Tim Wilbur at twilbur@pinetreesociety.org or 207-386-5971 or 207-510-4647 VP.

Case Management:  Our Case Management team is here to support people with disabilities and their families with individualized services during this stressful time.  Our team can help identify and connect families to community-based services.  Contact Julie Brennan at jbrennan@pinetreesociety.org or 207-386-5952.

Audiology:  Our audiologists are offering both telephone and telepractice appointment for trouble shooting hearing aids and any additional training people may need to support use of hearing aids.  Contact audiology@pinetreesociety.org or 207-386-5920.

“We’re creative and solution-focused; always thinking about how we can have the greatest impact to change the story of an individual’s life.” 

– Noel Sullivan, President and CEO, Pine Tree Society

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