“I do a little bit of everything,” that’s how Teresa Davis describes her day.  She’s a Direct Support Professional at Pine Tree Society focused on providing the support people need to live independently.  “From helping with chores to doing errands to paying bills and balancing the checkbook, my day includes it all.”

Teresa has worked in this field for over 15 years.  She started as a job coach before transitioning to independent living support.

“This is what I like to do!”

You can hear it in her voice.  This is the job she was meant to do.

Every day, she helps people live fuller, more socially connected and independent lives.  No two people are alike and the support services she provides are tailored to meet the unique needs and desires of each individual.

“Everyone I work with has grown a lot.  For example, one woman I work with wanted to become her own representative payee so she could handle her own finances.  We worked together to accomplish that goal.”

Another person Teresa works with wanted to become her own medical guardian as well as handle her own finances.  “I advocated for her and we got the job done.”

She also helps people find new apartments when they aren’t comfortable with their living situation.  Oftentimes an individual’s living situation is tied to other challenges so there are multiple problems to solve.

She recalls two male individuals who each came to her separately needing services.  One man was homeless and the other was living with a family member and having an issue with how his money was being managed.

Teresa introduced them to each other and they ended up being roommates so they could get caught back up financially.  She’s proud to say that they both have savings accounts now.

“I’ve been busy!  There’s such a need for home support services, and the folks I work with have community support services too.  I need a bigger van!  I want to see this grow.”

Join Teresa and the rest of our team. Apply today!

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