“I want to help other families the way we were helped.”  

“I owe Pine Tree Camp so much.”  

That’s how Kris and Carolyn describe what motivated them to create a team for the 2022 Bath Savings Paddle for Pine Tree Camp. 

Nearly a decade ago, good fortune brought these two moms and their children together at Pine Tree Camp for Camp Communicate, a camp experience for children who use high-tech devices to communicate and their families.    

Kris, her son Christian and Carolyn and her daughter Jaclyn have been going to Pine Tree Camp together and staying in the same family cabin ever since. 

“Kris and I were an instant connection,” said Carolyn. “We bonded like magnets.  It’s so wonderful to have someone who gets it because they are going through same thing.” 

 Kris couldn’t agree more.  

 “I would never have met Carolyn if it wasn’t for Pine Tree Camp,” she said. “I love her friendship and we look forward to being there together every year.”   

 The support they provide each other throughout the year extends the benefits they experience as parents at Pine Tree Camp’s Camp Communicate.  

 “What I love about Camp Communicate is that it’s good for the kids and good for the parents,” Kris continued. “It’s something that I look forward to every year and need in my life. I’m grateful for it. It’s been amazing for me.” 

 She and Carolyn both enjoy the workshops, opportunities to connect and learn from other parents and the chance to have some downtime to relax while their kids are having fun.   

 “Jaclyn feels very accepted at Pine Tree Camp. It’s like she comes out of her shell,” said Carolyn.  “She spreads her wings and tries new things and does it all with a smile, excitement and laughter.” 

 Although they’ve wanted to participate in the Paddle for Pine Tree Camp for years, this is the first time they’ve been able to take part.   

 “We received scholarships every year and I want to give back and support Pine Tree Camp,” Kris said. “I want to help other families the way we were helped.” 

 Since 1945, Pine Tree Camp has welcomed all who could benefit, regardless of their ability to pay. The funds raised from the Bath Savings Paddle for Pine Tree Camp are a critical part of the camp’s open door tuition policy.

Please consider donating to Kris and Carolyn’s fundraising team here:  


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