Thanks to the Burger-Roy Charitable Trust and Campbell’s True Value, this summer, Pine Tree Camp will become home to a brand new barn.  Pine Tree Camp stands alone in terms of barrier-free access to nature and nature-based recreation for Maine people with disabilities.  Expanding access to learning about farm animals and how food is grown opens up exciting new possibilities for campers.

“It’s much more than just a barn,” said Noel Sullivan, president and CEO of Pine Tree Society.  “Brent Burger has helped us reimagine what a barn at Pine Tree Camp can accomplish.  It’s a proud symbol of our community and a gateway to a whole new world for Maine people with disabilities.  This addition to our campus gives us the chance to expand our programming around farm animals and gardening in ways we would not be able to do otherwise.”

Brent Burger is the co-owner of Campbell’s True Value and has given a hand in designing the structure, and envisioning the community coming together for an old-fashioned barn raising this summer.  The entire project will be funded through the Burger-Roy Charitable Trust, and will be supported by local partners, Higgins Construction will do all of the site work, and Kavestone Construction will oversee the building of the structure.

“Raising a barn is easily accomplished with teamwork,” Burger said.  “And teamwork is what Pine Tree Camp is all about.  Traditional barn raisings create a time to come together as a community to help, and that pays dividends in big, and sometimes unforeseen ways, which is what can make an event like this so special.”

Dawn Willard-Robinson is the director of Pine Tree Camp and explained why the connection to farm animals and an agricultural experience will make a difference.

“People with disabilities need nature as much as people who do not have disabilities.  The reality is, they simply aren’t as able to access the outdoors in their everyday life. Whether it’s learning how to feed and care for animals or getting their hands dirty in the garden, our campers will now have even more opportunities to connect with nature in unique and meaningful ways that impact their lives all year-round.”

The community barn raising will take place from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, September 28.  Pine Tree Camp is seeking volunteers to help with the barn raising.  People with and without building skills are welcome.  To volunteer, please provide your name and contact information here.

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