“Limitless.” That’s how Shelley Zielinski describes Pine Tree Society’s new service: The Hub.  “It’s like nothing people have ever seen before.”

Zielinski is the Director of Adult Support Services at Pine Tree Society.

“So often I hear people say ‘I wish I could’ or ‘I want more,’” said Zielinski. “Now, with The Hub they can.”

The Hub is a service designed for people to be able to do the things they want to do, when they want to do them. Unlike a typical day program where activities are organized during program hours, the concept behind The Hub is that individuals choose what they want to do in their community.

The Hub is completely community based and Pine Tree Society staff simply facilitates,” said Zielinski. “Someone might want to go to a town meeting to have a voice about a topic that’s important to him or her.  Or maybe they want to take an evening yoga class.  They tell us what they want to do, and we help them achieve what they want.”

Through The Hub, people’s interests, goals and desires are what bring them together out in the community.  Everybody is included; doing everything they want to be doing, when and where they want.

For example, if someone wants to take a yoga class, they do the legwork to locate where to go, find out what they need to do to get there and take part, and Pine Tree Society staff helps facilitate and support them to ask questions and find the solutions.

“The ultimate goal is for individuals to build natural supports so our staff can step back and allow relationships to occur,” said Zielinski. “A lot of day programs focus on community outings. The Hub focuses on people building relationships so they won’t need us anymore.”

Zielinski says she’ll know The Hub is a success when she sees the satisfaction a person has doing what they want to do and making meaningful relationships in their community.

“I love it when someone comes to me and says they did something for the first time,” said Zielinski.

With The Hub, she will be hearing those words a lot.

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