Let it goat, let it goat, let it gooooaat!  Winter, we goat this.

With a little help from our facilities assistant, Peter Halligan, our famous goats Oreo, Dunkin and Stewart are settled into their new barn at Pine Tree Camp where they will be snug during the winter months on the shores of North Pond.

Thanks to the Burger-Roy Family Charitable Trust and Campbell’s True Value, in September this barn was built through a traditional barn raising with a group of volunteers.

Check out the time-lapse of the barn being built at this link.

We’re not yolking when we say this barn gives us all something exciting to cluck about.

It’s much more than just a barn.  This new addition to Pine Tree Camp gives us the chance to expand our programming around farm animals and gardening in ways we would not be able to do otherwise.  Whether it’s learning how to feed and care for animals or getting their hands dirty in the garden, campers will now have even more opportunities to connect with nature in unique and meaningful ways that impact their lives all year-round.

Please consider supporting this new programming through donating to our annual fund at this link.

This barn was made possible through the Burger-Roy Family Charitable Trust along with donations and support from local partners including:  Higgins Construction, Kavestone Construction, Mainely Trusses, TLG Concrete and Mattingly Products.  CMP employee volunteers also participated in the barn raising.

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