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When nine-year-old Trey and his mom Megan drove down Pine Tree Camp’s windy road last month, it looked completely different.  It was covered with pure white snow.

“Trey loves to be outside and with Covid it’s been very difficult for us to get out,” Megan shared.

Covid-19 has amplified the barriers people with disabilities and their families experience in their everyday lives – increased isolation, services ceased, distance learning – many of the supports people rely on have changed dramatically.  From day one, we have approached this challenge as an opportunity to have a deeper impact.  No place is it more evident than at Pine Tree Camp.

Pine Tree Camp continues to respond to challenges by expanding programming.  In fact, we are now offering accessible recreation all year long – and our Open Door Policy is firmly in place. 

Trey and his mom Megan were among the first to join us for a day of winter recreation.

Megan told me, “When you go to Pine Tree Camp, anything is possible.  It gets us away from reality and gives us time to be free and have fun.  We feel like we fit in and Trey gets to participate in everything he wants to do.”

And what did Trey want to do?  Ice fish and sled down Pine Tree Camp’s hill with his mom.  Spending time outside, together, gave them the break they needed – and the experience has had a lasting impact.

This is just one example of our work to be there for Maine people with disabilities and their families – no matter whatHow do we do it?  YOU.  We could not do this critical work without you. 

Your support today will go right to work to help us continue to impact Maine people with disabilities through early intervention, day programs for adults and case management services to implement and retain critical services.

Megan and Trey are just one of thousands of families who are counting on us.  Please send in your gift today.  It will go right to use to help Maine people who need us.  We thank you for your continued support.


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