COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the way in which services are delivered to adults with disabilities.  Just five months ago, Pine Tree Society’s Community Support program sites in Auburn and Scarborough would be bustling centers of activity with close to 75 people gathering each morning and then departing to access group activities designed to provide immersion in the community.

In March, our team launched telepractice Community Support services to clients designed to keep them engaged and active during the time of social distancing.

Recently, our program has begun opening back up for in-person services on a small group basis.  These services are highly individualized, offering in-person social connection, accessible recreation and access to the outdoors. This is taking a challenge and turning it into an opportunity in action.

Watch this short video to hear and see more of what is being offered at Pine Tree Society’s Community Support programs in Auburn and Scarborough.

Interested in joining us?  Want to hear more?  Contact Shelley Zielinski at 207-386-5927 or

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