Ayris-Franklin“The best hearing aids are the ones you want, when you’re ready to have them.” 

That’s the philosophy Dr. Ayris Franklin and her team at Pine Tree Society’s audiology department believe in.

That philosophy was the perfect fit for Paul. He had a hearing evaluation several years ago and, at that time, wasn’t quite ready to try hearing aids. Three years later, he returned for a follow up. 

“You could see the difference between the two tests,” Paul said. “It was a gradual loss and there was a clear deterioration in the quality of my hearing. Pine Tree Society provided clinical evidence of the status of my hearing.”

For Dr. Franklin, it all starts with listening. The evaluation begins with a conversation as the patient describes how their hearing loss is affecting their quality of life. 

“I was having trouble with the television and other electronic devices,” Paul continued. “Dr. Ayris is a good listener and is very flexible. Her assessment led to a recommendation of a particular type of hearing aids. I am very happy with the results and can hear better than before.”

Dr. Franklin performs a comprehensive hearing evaluation that includes examining how the ears are functioning physically as well as tone and speech-in-noise testing. Based on all those factors, she evaluates which frequencies are outside the patient’s range of hearing 

“My recommendation is based on each individual’s ear mechanics, personal experience and level of hearing loss all rolled into one,” she continued. “I’m able to tell you which frequencies your hearing loss is in and what those frequencies mean.”

The hearing aids selected for each person are based on the audiologist’s recommendation and the patient’s personal goals. Pine Tree Society works with a variety of hearing aid manufacturers, providing a wide array of options and there is a month-long trial period before the patient needs to make the decision to buy or return.

“Every step of the way, the patient decides,” Dr. Franklin said. “If you do not feel ready, it’s perfectly fine to try again later”

Paul couldn’t agree more.

“Pine Tree Society is very supportive. There’s no risk in trying the hearing aids out. It’s a win-win.”

Pine Tree Society’s audiology professionals work with children and adults and offer comprehensive hearing evaluations and services designed to meet the unique needs of each client. In addition, our audiologists have experience and expertise evaluating individuals who may have difficulty following instructions or are uncomfortable in new environments. Contact us today at 207-386-5920 or audiology@pinetreesociety.org.


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